Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shannon's Flowers

I mentioned previously that I had a little wedding this past weekend. It was a very simple, small flower order. A last minute wedding reception- no centerpieces, 4 boutonnieres, 4 child size wrist corsages, 4 traditional corsages, and maybe a bouquet if things weren't too expensive. What?!?!?!? What kind of bride gets everyone else flowers but none for herself? The same kind that goes to pick up her own cake in pajama pants an hour before the reception- that's what kind! I priced it right apparently because not only did she go with a bouquet but decided to switch out one of the wrist corsages for a pomander (later she added a second one to the order). Yay me- I got to learn how to make 'kissing balls' (and they turned out super duper cute)! She didn't care about what flowers I used but she wanted gold and burgundy as her colors, it was a fall themed reception, and her fiance informed he loves roses and requested I use them as much as possible.

Now, one thing I learned about photographing burgundy flowers is this- I have the gift of making them look red instead of burgundy. Hey- I never claimed to be a professional photographer.

And here's a sweet little hand to model one of the wrist corsages.

Good news kids- wrist corsages can be made using good ol' fancy schmancy slap bracelets! They are small enough to fit a toddler's wrist and comfortable enough for my adult sized wrist. Now that's versatility!

I love the fall leaves (they're real) tucked in at the collar of her bouquet.

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