Monday, March 28, 2011

Art & Soup 2011

I was out ordering flowers for Art & Soup and picking up the anemones for Courtney and Ian's wedding when I totalled my car. So, there I was without a car and two major projects coming up. Fortunately, I managed to pull off Courtney's wedding without any major glitches and my friend Trish was quite helpful in getting me and the flowers to the wedding reception.

Usually, I'm ridiculously organized for Art & Soup, in that I have sketches and diagrams and lists. The diagram is very important because it maps out the room and tells me what goes where in what. That disappeared in the accident, so once I got into the ballroom at the Sheraton with the flowers and my helpers, I had to go from memory and hope for the best. I was nervous but I had a vision!
Each year, a piece of art is selected to be the showcase artwork, and for the past few years, they've asked me to pull my colors or theme from that. I was so excited to see this neon cowboy/southwest rodeo piece with it's vibrant colors for me to work with. It worked perfectly with the vison I'd had in mind since the previous year.


So, with the help of my trusty volunteer sidekick, Mary, and my new favorite volunteer assistant, Gaylene, this is what we created, under budget, in record time, with too many arrangments made, and flowers left over! My accident made for a miracle of sorts! And I received so many compliments for these- I was quite pleased with how things turned out, as were many other people.

The simple arrangement for the Memorial

The 3 different arrangements for the cocktail tables

The arrangements on the long tables

I may have more pictures to share but they're on a different camera so it'll be a while before they get added.

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  1. Love it! Not totalling your car, but the flowers and all the beautiful things you create. :)



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