Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attention!!! ...Mother's Day give away

Prepare yourselves kids! In an effort to spread the word about this little one woman show I'm running, I've been making some plans with two very talented and intelligent women, and we've come up with....wait for it....

A Mother's Day Bouquet Give Away!
(below are a few ideas I have sketched out for you, actual bouquet may vary)

C'mon now- this won't be your typical grocery store bouquet. No way!

Here are some of the flowers that have inspired this Mother's Day design...

Ok, so obviously, I've decided on a color scheme using pale pink somewhere but I haven't quite decided on what flowers I'll actually be using but it'll be fun and exciting and beautiful and elegant, and you will like it... a lot!

So, stay tuned and check back frequently over the next few days because we're ironing out the last details now!



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