Sunday, May 22, 2011

As seen in movies

Holy cats! You know how sometimes, you see something in a movie or hear your grandma talking about back when she was young.... and you think that never happens now? One of those things is getting married at the courthouse.

I have a bride that is getting married there, in a courthouse, next Friday.

When I talked to her last week, it was going to be one of three days but she wasn't sure which. Well, she's decided on both a date and a color scheme. This is my smallest budget and order yet, but will be interesting. Her colors are red, orange, and yellow, and her one flower request are roses.

I know nothing about her, other than she has a son, she wants things very small and simple, and there will be a small gathering after the ceremony at her mom's house.

Hmmmm....... So, I bought some orange ribbon. Oh, and I think I have some orange floral paint somewhere..... maybe.  Hey- it's a good start!

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