Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Permament Arrangements

I was going to open a shared retail space, but after lots of consideration and advice I decided I had to forego that opportunity at this time. Before coming to this decision, I'd purchased some silk flowers to create some permanent arrangements for display purposes and sale as well, so I decided to use them and see if there's anyone interested in purchasing them from me. I can ship them pretty much anywhere. I can make custom arrangements as well if none of these suit your fancy. Let me know what you think, and if you're interested!

Why silk flowers now? Most florists turn up a nose at them because they tend to be hideous, cheap, and well...fake. I pretty much feel the same way, but I also know that sometimes, those fake flowers last longer and can be just as beautiful as the real thing, if done well. I'm hoping that's what I did.

My sister likes to decorate for the different seasons and holidays. Fall is currently upon us and she wanted a fall arrangement that wasn't the typical orange and yellow color scheme. I came up with this for her:

And from that, she suggest I make a more traditional fall themed arrangement and some Christmas arrangements as well. Of course, she also suggested I makes something very understated, with no froof or frills that could be used anywhere, any season because not everybody decorates every room for  the seasons or holidays. I took some of those flowers I had on hand and come up with these:

1 comment:

  1. you are AMAZING! These are stunning, prettier than any I have seen in any store. I am in love, but I can't believe any are under $100. If they are let me know, I think that purple one is gorgeou...well, they all are. ;)



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